September 17th, 2021

Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics

Every university or college student should be ready to write research papers. This is one of the major obligations you will have to face throughout your course. It is not an easy transformation, and most students feel overwhelmed because the papers collide with other assignments. Each of them has to be written and completed with a given timeline. Besides, it has to be written in the right style and format. Whether you are a first-time research paper writer or a seasoned one, it doesn’t get easier. But you can simplify the whole process by finding one of the most suitable research paper topics that will allow you to craft an excellent paper.

How to Find a Good Research Paper Topic

Get an interesting topic

Finding a topic that works perfectly for your research paper is an essential step. You may have many interesting ideas in your mind, but listing them and narrowing down to the best one is not easy. The bottom line is that the topic you choose to write about must be interesting to you and breakable in several chunks to allow in-depth research.

If you decide to settle for a controversial one, have a perspective that will guide you throughout the paper. You must have different points related to your topic that will enable you to showcase your knowledge regarding your subject.

Get a topic with enough resources

Most students want to come up with a research topic that stands out. But it is a big mistake; it would be a better idea to go for a topic that has been widely researched and create an informative paper. A topic that has no resources results in a shallow paper that will not earn you a good grade.

Go online and search for easy research paper topics and choose one discussed widely, especially in articles, books, and encyclopedia references. In addition to being interesting, research topics ideas with ample published research are easy to write about.

Create the research question

A research paper is not complete with a research question. It requires you to think about what you intend to write and come up with a provoking question. It should be motivating and stir interest in people to read your paper, including those who know nothing about your paper.

The Thesis Statement

Some students, especially those writing a research paper, find creating a thesis statement almost impossible. This sentence has to be precise and interesting by summarizing everything you intend to discuss in your paper. It has to be connected to your topic and grounded so well that it brings every point in the paper together in the conclusion paragraph.

Brainstorm topic ideas

This is one of the easiest ways to find interesting research topics. You write down ideas as they come into your mind or ask your friends to help you out. With a long list of possible topics, you will easily find one that you can write about and be sure to craft a high-quality research paper.

Best Research Paper Topics 2020

While getting the ideal list of research topics is a great step towards writing an excellent paper, it is also the beginning of researching and gathering facts and data. You must obtain all your content from credible sources and the reason you should find a topic that you understand well. Here are some of the best topics to base your controversial, interesting, or argumentative research paper on.

Psychology research topics

  1. Effects and solutions for child abuse
  2. Changing the perception of society towards depression
  3. How are dreams related to our daily lives?
  4. Why intelligence tests should not be trusted a 100%
  5. Why memories can be destructive
  6. Learning disability in children
  7. Why men are affected by physical attraction more than women
  8. Living with schizophrenic patients

Research paper topics that are argumentative

  1. Is the impact of immigrants positive or negative on a country’s economy?
  2. Do the virtual online world increase violence and antisocial habits?
  3. Reasons to make expensive sports including tennis and rowing accessible to minorities
  4. Laws should not be too strict for single parents looking for adoption opportunities.
  5. Communism remains the best political system the world will ever have.
  6. Increasing the minimum wage can raise economic mobility
  7. Sportspeople should be allowed to use steroids.

Research topics in education

  1. Discuss some programs that can eliminate cyberbullying in high school
  2. How is a student-centered method of teaching effective?
  3. How does a student benefit by taking some time off from school?
  4. Discuss the major innovations in the education system of America
  5. Implementation of visual aids in classrooms
  6. Why do students cheat during exams?
  7. Effective ways to ensure students do not plagiarize their work.
  8. Ways to encourage students to follow their passion when choosing what to study
  9. Which is the best-the France, USA, or Finland education system?

Interesting Research Paper Topics College

  1. Does age make someone wiser and better at making choices or expressing opinions?
  2. Can technology cause an inevitable gap between generations?
  3. How different are men’s friendships amongst themselves and those of women?
  4. Are amusement parks educative in any way, or their purpose is purely entertainment?
  5. What can make people living in your town, happy?
  6. Does beauty contribute to one’s success?
  7. How can you communicate better with family, friends, strangers, and colleagues?

Research paper topics history

  1. Reasons that led to the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union.
  2. Why did Germans abolish religion?
  3. The history of Latin America- Highlight the main events
  4. Methods used by students to learn foreign languages a century ago
  5. Who were the beneficiaries of the Middle Age transformations?

Good research paper topics on technology

  1. Can spending a lot of time online cause depression or stress in teens?
  2. Can internet users be affected by net neutrality
  3. Discuss the progress and history of self-driven vehicles
  4. Effectiveness of drones in warfare and surveillance methods
  5. How social media has caused disconnection among people
  6. How do smartphones affect productiveness at work?
  7. Highlight development in artificial intelligence
  8. Ways to use technology in a classroom for better learning.
  9. Is Google affecting people’s intelligence? How?
  10. The ideal age to allow a child to use a smartphone
  11. How teen literacy has been affected by frequent texting and video calling.

Persuasive research paper topics

  1. Companies must stop targeting children as potential buyers
  2. CEOs earn too much for no reason
  3. Congress members should have restrictions on their terms
  4. Condoms are the solution to teens pregnancy
  5. What are the things that cause immorality in society?
  6. Governments should help people make healthy diet choices.

Easy high school research paper topics

  1. What led to the immense popularity of anime?
  2. Diversity is important in every team
  3. Why should traditional music of a country be held with more respect than international hits?
  4. Why are some sports popular than others?
  5. How did discoveries, including Nikola Tesla, change the world?
  6. Discuss the most popular hobbies for children and kids in your community?
  7. What hobbies can you only practice in your country by not abroad?
  8. Highlight ways to deal with procrastination
  9. Why people change how they spend their leisure time as they get old
  10. Discuss common stereotypes among your country people.

Health nursing dissertation topics

  1. Where are there more increased cases of women with PCOS?
  2. How to overcome insulin resistance
  3. Effective ways to help obese people lose weight
  4. Is Israel colon cancer research a breakthrough?
  5. Emotional stress effect on a person’s health
  6. Treating high blood pressure using natural remedies
  7. Can online bullying cause depression?
  8. Should parents be fined for not vaccinating their children?
  9. Why are antibiotics losing their effectiveness?

Medical Health Care Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss major improvements made in dentistry in the 21st century
  2. Is it possible to have implants that provide a lasting solution after tooth loss?
  3. How nutrition can help control and prevent insulin resistance.
  4. Health benefits of getting a massage therapy
  5. Can women spot signs of PCOS and how to overcome them?
  6. Autism treatments- How effective are they?
  7. Are there any risks associated with water birth?
  8. Music benefits foster lactation
  9. Impact of ageism on additions and overall health

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