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 Respond to the scenario with no less than 100 words and cite the ethical standard (name and number – for example “1.07 Improper Complaints 

 In 2014, investigators from several academic research institutions collaborated with Facebook to test whether reducing the number of positive or negative messages people saw made them less likely to post positive or negative content themselves (Kramer, Guillory, & Hancock, 2014), The experiment was carried out by manipulating the algorithm by which Facebook sweep posts into members news feeds. Participants were not informed they were a part of this research investigators involved in the study defended the absence of informed consent for a study designed to influence emotions, arguing that the manipulation was consistent with Facebook’s Data Use Policy, to which all users must agree at the time they join Facebook (Goel, 2014), However, the Facebook policy only mentions “research” in general terms (e.g., “We may use the information we receive about you… for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement” (Waldman, 2014). The investigators also argue that they were using “archival” data collecting by a business entity, despite the fact that they were involved in the initial study design. According to the APA Ethics Code, was the psychologists’ involvement in this study ethical or unethical? 







Assignment Topic:  Media Representations of Diversity 

Length/Format: 800-1000 words / APA In-text Citations + Reference Page

The assignment must be 750-1000 words long and double-spaced with 1-inch margins.

You must use and cite at least two (2) of the required resources from Week 1 and/or Week 2 of this course. You may use additional scholarly or credible sources.

Use in-text citations in APA (American Psychological Association) style.

 Please see attached assignment details and requirements, along with week 1 and 2 class resources. 

Accurate correct

see attachment

Complete the Assignment

This assignment is 1/4 done, attach is the research on URICA but its missing some additional info….

you need to include the following specific information in order to receive full credit for the assignment:

1)The Test- cost, time to take the test, theory behind the test, number of items, age appropriateness, and any other information relevant to teaching me about the test ( Approximately one page double spaced)

2)Reviewer #1- norm sample, practicality and cultural fairness, validity, reliability, final comments  ( At a Minimum, one page double spaced)

3)Reviewer #2- norm sample, practicality and cultural fairness, validity, reliability, final comments ( At a Minimum, one page double spaced)

4) Your thoughts on norm sample, practicality and cultural fairness validity, reliability, final comments about using the test. Why or why not. (At a Minimum, one page double spaced).  I want your thoughts based on specific information and not just opinions such as “I don’t like the GRE’s” or “I don’t think it’s fair to subject students to standardize testing.”  I want to know what you think about the norm sample, practicality and cultural fairness validity, reliability based   specifically on what you learned from both reviewers and any other source.

Please review the attachment



You were introduced to a family in the structural family therapy demonstration video in this unit’s study (linked in Resources). Use the information about the family from the session you watched as your guide, and keep in mind what you read in each text (chapter 10) about goal development and treatment planning. Then, complete the following: (300 words or more)

  • 1. Identify the presenting problem.
  • 2. Devise three specific goals for this family based on the information from the demonstration. Include one goal addressing each of the early, middle, and late phases of treatment.
  • 3. Clearly and thoroughly discuss how you arrived at these goals and how these goals align with the structural family therapy model.


Based on what you learned about the client family from the demonstration video (linked in Resources), imagine you are the therapist who will see them for their next visit. Identify an intervention from the structural family therapy model that you would apply in the session. In this discussion, briefly describe the intervention, including the following: (300 words or more)

  • Its general purpose and goal.
  • Who and what is the target of the intervention.
  • Some questions that would be used to apply this intervention.
  • The desired outcome of the intervention.
  • The elements that make this intervention systemic in nature.

Use the literature from the unit and any additional literature to support your discussion post. (chapter 7)

Please click this link to watch the video 

Username: [email protected]


An APA style essay. The instructions are below and the two sources I want included are attached also. I will need to cite my book as well, but I can add that in later. 


Instructions Attached


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