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Read more about AceMyResearch cookie policy. Learn about how we use the technology to cater for best user experience.

Cookie Policy

Learn more about our cookie policy. Cookies are essential to improve user experience by tracking actions on the site. In definition, a cookie file is a small text file that websites send to user computers. It is available in two forms; session-based that closes and self-deletes when you close the page and persistent cookies that remain in the system unless deleted manually.

Why Use Cookies

Cookies are essential for statistics and improving future user experience, primarily keeping you from logging in to the service most often. As such, used cookies intending to make the experience secure and facile. Cookies are also valuable in promoting the service as it acts as an essential tool in advertising and keeping up with the competition.

Usage of Cookies

With, the use of cookies is optional hence allowing you to decide either you need to use the cookies or not. Besides, specific browsers have Cookie Management Protocols that limit the usage of cookies. These web browsers include;

If you are using a web browser not listed here, it is essential to preview the documentation and user manual concerning cookies usage. When looking to delete, disable, or restrict cookies, navigate to browser settings, and choose the ‘Privacy’ option.

Cookies Used by AceMyResearch.Com

Authentication: These are cookie files that allow for fast sign-in by keeping relevant information you input when accessing the website.

Security: These are cookies that protect and monitor malware and other harmful activities while maintaining security features.

Preferences: Are files that customize the user experience, including language and order form.

Marketing: These are cookies used to market services while monitoring how users navigate the website.

Analytical and Research: Include cookies that help in the improvement of the website and making it enjoyable.

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