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There are myriad ways to examine works as well as people. So, since most works have people in them, the technique can serve you well in life.

For our purposes, we initially are going to look at  I’m Your Horse in the Night and Phantom Palace through the lens of feminism. 

Feminism is the effort to provide a stable ground for women to achieve without unequal definitions/restrictions as to what a woman should or should not do.   Looking at the two female leads, one has no name.  Her lover assigned her the name Chiquita, meaning little girl or small fry.  She is in love with him; he is in lust with her.  He does not even want to talk with her. After being with her, he leaves. The other woman is “arm candy” whose husband uses her as an accessory, a helper in his pursuit of career advancement. When the heat is on, he leaves her behind. Her lover also leaves her behind. 

Initially, both women are responders versus initiators.  At the end,  one chooses and one does not.

Using comparison and contrast, please examine these stories. Lenses (approaches) can extend beyond the women.   There is a starter prompt for each.  Provide targeted, detailed, cogent, condensed responses.  No sentences. 


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