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I have chosen the Patriot Academy to discuss today. Patriot Academy was founded by an attorney by the name of Rick Green. The first Patriot Academy was held in Texas in 2003 and has since grown exponentially. The purpose of this organization is to equip the new and upcoming generation of leaders to champion the cause of freedom and truth in government, media, entertainment and education (Patriot Academy, 2020). It is helping our future leaders be equipped to bring our nation back to the principles it was founded on through specific strategies such as training, demonstrating, teaching and inspiring. This has a huge impact on our culture, in a positive way. In a previous assignment I stated how important it is for the coming generations to preserve what our constitution stands for. And this organization is doing just that. President Ronald Reagan famously said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” (Patriot Academy, 2020). The website says, “Unless we motivate and equip the rising generation to take up the torch of freedom and carry it forward, it will become extinguished forever.” (Patriot Academy, 2020). I’m not sure there is anything for scary than that happening. The more I am reading in this class and learning, I think it is important (now more than ever) for everyone, especially those in politics and government, to be well versed in the political process and culture, so we can protect our freedom. We are in desperate need of a generation who will stand up for that freedom and to lead America. I’m grateful for the leadership of Rick Green and him seeing this foundation as necessary. He saw that we had weaknesses, but that we have a standard to uphold and what a privilege that really is. Reading through the testimonials, one stuck out from David Barton. He stated that principled leaders are not born, they are trained. And that’s exactly what the Patriot Academy does. Trains future leaders to stand up for what is right and protect what is ours. The day we have self-sacrificing leaders in politics instead of self-righteous ones, will be a good day. I had no idea foundations like this existed, but I am thankful they do.

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