Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Like most websites, also collects user information hence encompasses policies that govern private data collection, usage, disclosure, and protection. Intrinsically, remains committed and respects user confidentiality based on personal data throughout the process. This is facilitated by a robust and secure database solely accessed by authorized parties.

Notably, it is essential to ensure clients understand the privacy policy regarding personal data that are often reviewed for efficiency. That said, updates its users on any revisions done to the terms of the privacy policy and its efficacy.

Collection of Personal Data

Personal data is collected from you use the website, or immediately you allow to gather your data. Typically, most personal data is collected from third parties and collects information such as Name, Telephone, Address, Demographic Data, Browser Types, IP, and more.

However, it is essential to secure sensitive personal data as never requests such data. This is essential as other unauthorized third parties can use such information. Payment data is secured by a third-party payment processor rather than

Usage of Personal Data

Personal data collected by is strictly used in delivering requested services from specific clients. Such information can also be used to provide updates for service delivery or contact specific users for survey or research purposes essential for service improvement. Hence, your data is never shared with third parties, but you are initially contacted in case of any cases.

Use of Cookies

Clients’ data is often collected through cookies as it helps to identify users visiting the website. Yet, the information collected is never leased, shared, or sold to other parties regardless of the motive impending. If you have any questions concerning the privacy policy, feel free to get in touch with the company for more information.

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