Exploring What Makes a Successful leader

Exploring What Makes a Successful leader Sample

Good leaders are essential for the success of all organizations. Some of the most famous people who ever lived are known for their qualities in leadership as they were able to influence the people who followed them immensely to the extent that they changed their lives. A good leader should be able to improve their reasoning ability and should be able to inspire his or her followers to be better versions of themselves. Some of the most famous leaders who ever lived who include Plato, Socrates, Julius Ceaser, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi were able to influence their followers immensely, and through them, they created change in the society A successful leader, therefore is a leader who can have a subtle influence on his or her followers, in a way that he or she can inspire their actions.

One factor that makes a successful leader is integrity. As a leader, one’s actions should not be questioned as they should be in line with the organizational culture. A successful leader should also able to justify their actions and be able to avoid discrepancies that might affect them negatively as leaders. This way, it will be possible for them to give directions without contradicting themselves, as their followers will believe in their actions. Followers will despise a leader without integrity as they do not live by what they preach, and this will affect their success as leaders.

Another factor that makes successful leaders is the ability to delegate. Notably, most of the leaders are tempted to do everything themselves or to supervise every activity that their followers are engaging in closely. This, however, shows a lack of trust by the leader, something that can affect the followers’ confidence adversely. As a successful leader, one should be able to entrust duty to a follower, without close supervision. This way, the follower will work hard to ensure that they have not broken the trust of the leader by carrying out the activity to the best of their knowledge. A successful leader will seek to correct mistakes in a positive way, and this way, they will be able to work on tasks that they cannot delegate.

Excellent communication is another factor that makes a successful leader. A leader should be able to communicate in varieties of ways and to different levels of people successfully. This depicts that the communication method used should not be demeaning to some of the followers. Moreover, leaders should ensure that all their followers can understand their choice words and that they avoid miscommunication. Additionally, they need to put their point across using kind but firm words. Successful leaders should also be self-aware in that they can understand themselves as this will lead to a better understanding of the people around them. Moreover, self-awareness will ensure that the leader is aware of the perception that his or her followers have concerning them hence enabling them to adjust accordingly. A successful leader should also have the ability to influence the actions of their followers. They should also be willing to learn and respect their followers.

In conclusion, successful leaders should be able to lead by example and be able to influence their followers. This can be possible, especially when a leader has integrity, communicates well, can delegate duties, is self-aware and has respect to his or her followers.