Social Media Essay

Social Media Essay Introduction

In the contemporary society, the social media platform has created excellent opportunities for business and social interactions. Through the various platforms, communication has been almost perfected, making it easier for users to access and understand information with more ease. For instance, from the internet, one might get facts on some information, but through social media, one can understand clearly how the information will affect them through active interactions with other users. The fact that people are increasingly spending their time on online platforms has led to increased social media development. Notably, there are different types of social media, and each is suited to a specific audience.

One of the social media platforms is the social media networks. They are considered to be relationship platforms as through them, and people can connect and even create relationships. It is also possible for a person to share information, photos, and videos through the sites. The main aim of social media is to connect people and share knowledge. For individuals, social media networks can ease communication with friends and family, where one can create a group to interact with people who share their interests. Moreover, they provide a cheap means of communication as they have can even make calls that are almost free across the world. To businesses, social networks are influential in building brand awareness, creating relationships with consumers, and providing customer services. Some examples of social networks include Facebook and Twitter. With this in mind, it is evident that social networks are suitable for both individuals and businesses.

Another social media platform is media sharing networks. This type of social media platform focus on visional aspects, such as sharing photos and videos. The main difference between these and the social networks is that media sharing networks are primarily visual, while the social networks focus on information and stories. Media sharing networks are suitable for both businesses and individuals. For individuals, they are a good source of entertainment, especially the type that shares videos. Moreover, they give people chances to share their experiences by posting pictures of themselves and places they have been to. For businesses, these platforms are useful in sharing photos and videos. The fact that people are more visual gives companies a chance to offer a visual insight into their businesses. Moreover, people can promote their products and services hence creating an excellent visual presentation of the company. Some of the media sharing networks include Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social blogging networks are other examples of social media platforms. These platforms allow users to publish content for their audience and help them discover. They are more suitable for companies as they are the ones with always new information that they want to share with the world. Through them, companies can build engagement, to make people more familiar with their businesses by continually updating information on the operations of the company and the products being invented and produced. While they require more work, they are essential in helping the audience understand the operations of a company and how the products will positively impact their lives. One example of these platforms is medium, which covers varying topics.

Another type of social platforms is discussion networks that focus on discussing news, opinion, and information. The platforms are suitable for both individuals and companies. For individuals, they offer a way of understanding the current events from an experienced perspective. For businesses, the platforms can offer a great way of conducting market research as companies can understand their clients’ perspectives on their products. This way, companies will be aware of what they need to improve to make their businesses more profitable. Some of the discussion networks include Reddit and Quora.

The last type of social media platform is review networks. They focus on discussing companies, their products, and the experiences that users of the products have had. To individuals, the platforms are essential as it ensures that they only buy quality products from the companies as the reviews give both the advantages and the disadvantages of purchasing a given product. For companies with positive reviews, it can be possible to have more clients. However, negative reviews can be detrimental to a company as it can lead to loss of sales and even the loss of the market share. Recovering from such platforms can be hard for the company, hence affecting their profits in the long run. An example of a review network is a glassdoor where employees offer reviews of working in ta given company.

Social Media Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, social media platforms have influenced both the business and the personal world. Most of the platforms are interactive as they can be used by businesses and for personal use. The types of social media include social networks, media sharing networks, blogging networks, discussion networks, and review networks. Although they share information differently, their main goal is to connect people to other people and people to businesses.  


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